Server Migration

After 15 years that I hosted with Carpathia Hosting (now QTS), we have been forced to move to a new “home”.

Well, two actually! I just moved my applications and domains on 2 “cloud” providers: Digital Ocean and Linode.

While with Carpathia I was using a managed VPS using Parallels and Virtuozzo, I have now opted for a DIY cloud server. Both providers offer data centers in Singapore and both providers offer very competitive rates starting at $5 per month. There are other companies that offer similar plans – like Amazon Lightsail but I wanted something not too overwhelming (if you use Amazon Cloud Service you know what I mean) and both companies offer a very simple and empowering experience.

Moreover, with Digital Ocean the new server instances are created in 55 seconds (although you still need to configure them!)


and you can “play around” with the services for about 2 months (or even more) when using the free credit available (click on the image below to get free $10 credit)

Creating my installations for these two providers has been a very interesting experience.

In both cases I installed CentOS 7.3 64bit.

Because I see that there is a lot of confusion on what type of services these cloud hosting providers offer, I will be soon have a step-by-step tutorial on how to install a virtual server that offers all the bells and whistles that companies like Carpathia provided at a fraction of the cost!

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