Server Migration

After 15 years that I hosted with Carpathia Hosting (now QTS), we have been forced to move to a new “home”. Well, two actually! I just moved my applications and domains on 2 “cloud” providers: Digital Ocean and Linode. While with Carpathia I was using a managed VPS using Parallels and Virtuozzo, I have now … [Read more…]

Site: It’s Time To Cook!

For quite some time I was thinkering on having a website properly set up to keep some video recipes, granted that I can have some time to dedicate to this hooby. This allowed me to play around with video editing and wordpress. A lot of work but a very satisfying experience.   To have a … [Read more…]

APP: Unlimited Crosswords

Programmed with Basic4Android, this app works on almost all Android devices, allows crossword puzzles enthusiasts to play Italian-style crosswords of any size. Compatible with the crosswords puzzles edited using Crossword Compiler, it uses Amazon S3 as content delivery platform for all the puzzle updates.   click to Download Crossword Puzzles Free

APP: Picchio Beach

“Picchio Beach”, an innovative app to allow beach goers to order their take-away using their iOS or Android devices, has been released. I made this app using Basic4iOS and Basic4Android, the only tools that can allow a single developer to make an app for both platforms in a very short period of time. There were … [Read more…]